How-To use the Glassy Button Action

This HOW-TO describes how to use the Glassy Buttons Action, which is also available for free download.

This how-to describes how to use the Glassy Buttons Action, which you can download here.
Step 1.
Download the 2Dvalley_buttons.atn file and place it in a folder on your hard disk (i.e. C:Program FilesAdobePhotoshop 7.0PresetsPhotoshop Actions)

Step 2.
In Photoshop, select Actions from the Windows menu, or instead just click the Actions tab shown below, and click the small arrow button and select Load Actions.

Step 3.
Select 2Dvalley_buttons.atn from the folder to which you saved it in step 1, and click the Load button.

Step 4.
Click the Glassy Button action in the 2Dvalley_buttons set, and click the Play button as shown below.

Step 5.
When you click the Play button to start the action, the following popup will appear:

As it instructs, create a 150×150 image with a transparent background and use the Elliptical marquee tool to draw an circle (hold Shift and Alt button while selecting), or draw an ellipse.

Similar to as shown in the following image:

Step 6.
Click the Play button again to continue the execution of the action.

The following popup will appear:

As it instructs, select a light foreground color and a darker background of the same color.

In this How-To we will use the following colors:

Step 7.
Click the Play button again, to continue with the ‘Gradient’ step in the action. Several steps will be executed automatically and than another popup will appear:

Click the CONTINUE button and select a color for the shadow, preferably the same color again but a bit darker (in our example dark green).

After you click OK, the action will continue processing.

Step 8.
The following popup will appear:

Add some text to the button and click play again to continue the action.

Step 9.
The final pop up will appear next:

As it instructs, flatten the image, and resize it to your convenience. Use a Sharpen filter for optimal results. Before you flatten the image, you can change most of the characteristics of the button by changing the layer properties and effects.

Step 10.
Eventually you should end up with a button like this:

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  1. I tried the tutorial but it gets stuck after pressing Play on step 7. It gives an error saying that it cannot do the Fill because the area is empty.

    PS CS3.

    Any ideas?

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