3Dvalley site updates week 8

3Dvalley site updates week 8

3D Art Gallery
Faizal Rahmat

Off-site News
Dominance War first 9 day Mini challenges kick off!
It’s time to gather up your creativity, pull together your talents, and get ready for a new kind of warm up competition in the Dominance War series – Mini Challenges! Although the theme is separate from the main epic event, world champion standings are assured for the best mini comp entries! Dominance War, a huge annual game art competition unlike any other! Once a year, for three months, artists from all over the world come together to take part in a friendly 3D and 2D war between communities. How it works? Artists must choose and represent a community involved in the war. When the war is over, the community with the best 3d game art or best concept game art, wins each unique event. End Date: March 2nd 11:59pm Eastern Time

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3Dvalley site updates week 7

3Dvalley site updates week 7

3D Art Gallery
Svyat Lee

3D Models
Fishing float
Fishing bucket
Fishing chair

2D Art Gallery
I Heart LA show – Curated by Douglas Alvarez
If you live in LA area and you have a few hours to spare this Sunday, February 15th, from 3pm to 5pm is the closing reception for the “I Heart LA” show, curated by Douglas Alvarez.  It’s your last chance to see an incredible body of work by a variety of emerging artists showing love for LA.
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3Dvalley site updates week 6

3Dvalley.com site updates week 6

Gallery updates for week 6

3D Art Gallery
Svyat Lee

Off-site news – week 6

Show off your talent in the Autodesk Best of the Best Show Reel 2009
Looking to show off your company’s talent? Be part of the Autodesk 2009 Best of the Best Show Reel. Submit your latest film, commercial, broadcast, music video, and episodic projects created using Autodesk software, such as Autodesk® Inferno® software, Autodesk® Flame® software, Autodesk® Smoke® software,  Autodesk® Maya® software, Autodesk® 3ds Max® software, Softimage® tools, and many others.

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3Dvalley site updates week 5

3Dvalley.com gallery updates week 5

Gallery updates for week 5

3D Art Gallery:
Massimo Righi

2D Art Gallery:

It might be possible that I have missed a gallery update due to the site upgrade. Please let me know if you are not featured in this post and did update your gallery album in the last week. Thanks 🙂

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3Dvalley.com 2Dvalley.com and 3Dnuts.com merge into one!

3Dvalley.com 2Dvalley.com and 3Dnuts.com merge into one!

Hi all,

We are very pleased to finally be able to upload our new design. I hope you all like it as much as we do 🙂 We also have merged all our sites to 3Dvalley.com, this means that you will find the gallery and downloads of 2Dvalley.com and the models of 3Dnuts.com also here. Please be aware that not everything is working perfect and we’ll be performing maintenance and the finishing touches this weekend.