3Dvalley site updates week 10

3Dvalley site updates week 10

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John Tonkin

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George Patsouras

Off-site News
Zhetri – Jeffrey M. de Guzman shows on CG society his tutorial on the process of creating the ‘Zhetri’ figure, which is featured in EXOTIQUE 4.

E-on software, Maker of Vue, the leading solution for natural 3D environments, today announced it is seeking submissions for its upcoming 2009 show reel. This year, E-on software would like to invite all Vue artists to submit recent commercial projects that involved Vue or Ozone for inclusion in the 2009 show reel. The deadline for submitting video content for the 2009 show reel is May 15, 2009. Please visit Vue website for more info:

CG CON 2009 is a new educational conference for creative computer graphic artists and professionals coming in July. Offered as a four-day series that comprises 24 lectures in three different programs: Digital Painting & Concept Art Design, Digital Modeling, and Digital Animation, CG GON 2009 promises something for visual artists at every career level.

The CG CON 2009 event is the latest venture of Jean-Eric Henault–the original creator of CG Channel and the Montreal ADAPT 2006 and 2007 Conference, and Diego Rojas, a business entrepreneur with more than 10 years of experience working, volunteering, planning and participating in conferences and events including ACM1, ACM SIGGRAPH and 3D DESIGN Conference.

CG CON 2009 Details:
Date: July 16-19, 2009
Location: Los Angeles Convention Center, Concourse E, F, Downtown Los
Angeles. 1201 South Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, California 90015
Registration: www.wantickets.com/cgcon/
Register by March 16 and get up to $50 off the three-day registration price.

Spectrum 16 Award winners
Check out their website for a look at all the award winning artworks and photos of the judging process. Spectrum 16 will be available October 2009.

TD College – the online CG and VFX school for technical directors and by technical directors would like to announce its official launch. TD-College is the first and only school that truly prepares you for the realm of CG-production by personally pairing you up with the artists and Technical Directors behind movies like The Lord of The Rings, King Kong, The Matrix and many many more. We are currently offering MEL, Python and Houdini courses and we have several advanced courses in development on the topics of Character Technical Direction, Effects, and Rendering, as well as, specifically, courses in RealFlow, RenderMan, Maya, Mathematics for TDs, C++, and Maya API development that will be available soon.

We’d greatly appreciate it if you spread the news to anyone who would be interested in learning advanced VFX from VFX veterans, or anyone who may be interested in authoring more courses or mentoring passionate students.  Please have a look at our site for more information: www.td-college.com

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