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Below you can read the interview with the 3D Valley Featured artist of Augustus 2005. Wilby is one of the artist who is with us from the beginning of 3D Valley, already three years ago. We from 3D Valley want to thank him there for and of course let him know that we appreciate his art.

3DValley Featured 3D Artist of Augustus 2005. Wilby is one of the artist who is with us from the beginning of 3D Valley, already three years ago. We from 3D Valley want to thank him there for and of course let him know that we appreciate his art. Please read our interview with Wilby below to get to know him and his work a bit better.

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Christa: Can you tell us a bit about yourself: Who are you and what do you do in your daily life?

Wilby: I love art and music. All else I had to learn in school was secondary and mostly boring. Born in Sacramento and lived there till I was 16 and moved to Austin Texas where I lived for 25 years. Then I lived on the McKenzie River between Eugene and Bend Oregon for ten years. Now I’m living on The Big Island of Hawaii for two years now. My predominant color was blue before moving here. Now it is way into the red spectrum. Living on an active volcano with the mesmerizing lava flow must be the reason.

I have always done my art as freelance work. Concert flyers, logos and illustrations was what I did growing up. On the Island with my wife and 2 sons, my day job is Set-Up Tech at Goodall Guitars. They are high-end acoustic guitars. I just set up one for Seal that was a gift from Heidi Klum.

At night I do my Comp art. The software has become so good it’s the only medium I need. Fast, versatile and messless. Spell check disapproves of that word. Too bad. It works.

When did you first notice you had artistic talent?

Wilby: When I was around 7 yrs old. I attended a social function with my older sisters where there were outlined pictures passed out for the little ones to color with crayolas. I remember my sisters making a fuss to my mom about how well I colored it and stayed within the lines.

Do you have traditional art experience?

Wilby: I did some acrylics on canvas, airbrush, pen and ink and Prizma colors in my younger days.


Christa: Which software packages do you use for your artwork?

Wilby: Bryce, Poser, PSP, Amorphium, PhotoSeam are my main programs right now.

Can you tell us a bit of the way you work on your art?

Wilby: Currently I am doing a technique I call “Reflectives”. I use reflective shapes to bend pic mapped patterns I make and place onto the ground plane, and or sky plane. The technique is very random. I don’t know what I will have when beginning the image. It’s always a surprise. Simply put, I create shapes and place them, arrange them, change their size and shape, position, and look at them from many different angles until I see something wow. Then I work with it to see if I can improve it. Most times I can. In MY view of course. I often place a mirror in the middle of the Bryce space. I like the balancing effect it has. People ask for a tutorial, but because it’s not a strict formula I can only give tips on settings. On your reflective shapes, turn off Specularity, Diffusion and Ambience for best reflectivity. Use high resolution pic maps. Keep haze height low. I don’t mind helping those who ask. But ! I will say this technique is not for those who are in a hurry. Some of my images took 3 weeks of manipulations to get the final look.

What and/or who inspires you?

Wilby: Music. That is my biggest inspiration. Color. A simple image can have a deep effect on me when certain colors are combined. All artists who have a surreal edge to their work and who strive to create images that are un-usual is inspiring to me.

Do you have a favorite piece of your own artwork and if so, why?

Wilby: Outside-in is one of my faves because it happened just that way without any tweaking. This is the only time I got such a cool image that needed no more adjustments whatever.

What is your goal as an artist?

Wilby: I keep art as free as I can. At my age I just enjoy it and put no pressures on it as far as future.

Besides 3D Valley, which other CG sites do you visit regularly?

Wilby: Besides 3D Valley, Renderosity, 3D Commune and 3D Cafe are my most “regular” haunts.

Do you have any tips for the artists who admire your work?

Wilby: If you are trying Reflectives,..use my tips above,..and ask me if you need some more help.

Christa: Thanks for the interview Wilby!

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