The HDRI maps below are created originally by or for 3Dvalley.com unless mentioned otherwise, and are free for personal and non-commercial use. You are not allowed to redistribute these images in any form.

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HDRI maps by HDRImaps.com
HDRImaps.com is a creative source for HDRI image collections. Many HDRI images online have a similar look/style, while at HDRImaps.com they explore unique real-world environments during photo shoots to achieve unique visual effects within HDRI imagery.

The two maps below are donated by HDRImaps.com and can be downloaded and used freely for personal and non commercial use. You are not allowed to redistribute these models in any form. Check out the FAQ at HDRImaps.com in our link directory for more information on how to make use of these great maps.

Chicago loop Cement lobby
Download (8.46Mb) Download (9.57Mb)

Please note that the following HDRI maps may be used only for non-commercial purposes.
If you do wish to use them commercially please use our contact form to ask permission.

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